Utah Child Support Calculator

Utah Child Support Laws

Parents have a duty to support their minor children under Utah law. As a result, you can expect child support to be awarded in one fashion or another in virtually every divorce that includes a minor child. Even if their is joint custody of the child that will be true. The court can also award child support for children over the age of 18 in special circumstances such as mental disability. Depending on the circumstances, you can expect to either pay or receive child support.

Utah Child Support Calculator

Utah, like many other jurisdictions, bases child support on a predefined formula. The rigid calculation is intended to eliminate subjectivity from the Courts that sometimes result in unfair child support awards. The child support amount is based on the child care expenses and medical care expenses. The total support obligation is then proportionally shared by the parents according to their incomes. The non-custodial parent will pay the custodial parent their share of the child support. Utah has established an interactive Child Support Calculator that is used to determine the child-support amount. Accurate data must be entered to accurately calculate child support. In some case, the court can depart from rigid calculations where good cause is shown. When good cause is shown, the court’s child support worksheets and calculator are inapplicable. That’s why it is so critical that you have quality assistance in dealing with child support issues. The best way to deal with child support issues is to get help from a qualified attorney from Weekes Law.

Tax Exemptions

Messy tax issues can result if both parents try to claim the same child for tax purposes. The IRS will automatically put a hold on any refunds due and audit both the claimed exemptions. The IRS may impose a penalty for the claimed exemption as well. A child support order should establish who is entitled to claim each child for state and federal tax purposes to avoid these issues. If the parties are unable to come to an agreement the court will make a determination factoring the contribution of each parent to the cost of raising the child and the relative tax benefit to each parent, among other factors.

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