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We love adoptions! Providing competent legal representation throughout the adoption process is one of the most enjoyable aspect of our family law practice. The decision to adopt a child is an exciting one, whether the adoption includes a child you already know or a child you haven’t met. We would love to be involved in your process of adopting. We want you to focus your attention on the child or children involved, so our Utah adoption attorney will devote all the necessary time and attention to ensure the adoption process is as smooth as possible.

Termination of Parental Rights

Adoption can be advantageous for everyone involved: the birth mother, the birth father, and the family adopting the child. If you want to ensure that your child will grow up in a loving home with a nurturing and supportive environment and you are unable, for whatever reason, to provide for the child, adoption is a great option. Our Utah adoption lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and resources to explain the adoption process and make all of the arrangements for adoption.

What Are The Different Adoptions

There are different adoption scenarios with which we can assist:

  1. Open Adoption – An Open Adoption is a situation where the birth parents and adoptive parents know the identity of each other and can remain in contact throughout the child’s life. They can exchange pictures or letter.
  2. Closed Adoption – A Closed Adoption is a situation where the birth parents and adoptive parents do not know each other and do not.
  3. Step-Parent Adoption – If you are a stepparent who wants to become the legal parent of your spouse’s child or children, we can help. The noncustodial biological parent is often required to terminate his or her parental rights.
  4. Grandparent Adoption – If you are a grandparent who wants to become the legal parent of a grandchild, we can help. If the biological parents are living it is often required that they terminate their parental rights.
  5. Termination of Parental Rights
  6. Adoptions of Foster Children
  7. Adoptions Contracts
  8. International Adoptions

We can help you with the legal aspects of completing an adoption. Schedule a free consultation today.

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