Internal Training

  1. CREATE A PROSPECT Explains how to create a Prospect record manually.
  2. PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION – UPDATE INVOICE – Explains what needs to be updated on the Invoice when a Payment Authorization is completed on our website.
  3. CREATE A SCHEDULED PAYMENT – Explains how to create a new Scheduled Payment manually.
  4. ADD CHARGE TO INVOICE – Explains how to add a new charge to an existing invoice. A new charge could be an additional service, a late fee or any other charge.
  5. COMPLETION AGREEMENT SIGNED – UPDATE INVOICE Video covers how to update the invoice and create the payment schedule upon signing of the Completion Agreement.
  6. SHARING A DROPBOX FOLDER – Learn about Dropbox, how we use it internally, and how to share a client folder so that the client can upload documents directly to us.
  7. SENDING AN ABP COMPLETION AGREEMENT – Learn how to send an ABP Completion agreement, what fields are required, and how to ensure the field data is merged correctly

Consultation Training Videos

  1. CONSULTATION STEP 1 – CONVERT PROSPECT – Explains how to convert a Prospect to an Opportunity. Account and Contact records will be created automatically as part of the process.

    CONSULTATION STEP 2 – Explains how to gather information about the prospect’s debts and explain the different chapters of bankruptcy.